Who We Are

Want to know how Alberta became the place it is today? Who were the driving forces behind making Alberta one of the best places to live?  What was their passion?  How did this passion and determination change how we live today? Want to discover how your family story or your community story fits into the bigger picture? Are you passionate about the preservation of our historic buildings? If any of these are your interests, you need to discover more about the Historical Society of Alberta and your place in our society.

From purchasing a membership to support our provincial history, to volunteering, discovering your own history through research or writing and sharing our province’s history, if you care about or want to learn more about our shared history, you need to become a member today.

Whether it is the good, the bad, or the in-between of Alberta history, it is our privilege to share, write and collect the stories of our ancestors. We also help provide resources for researchers so they can get involved and discover their own stories. Who knows, maybe an article written from your research or your family/community stories will be published in one of the Historical Society of Alberta publications.

Join a community of Alberta history enthusiasts from across the province who together study our shared past and make certain that no one is left out of the history of this province.

In addition to the work we do with and for individual researchers and those who simply wish to know more about our history, we also advocate for Alberta’s history and work in partnership with other like-minded organizations and groups. If you are looking for support, looking for a partner, reach out to us. How can we work together to promote our history?

Since 1907, the Historical Society of Alberta has helped keep Alberta’s history alive. As member of HSA, you will be part of one of our five local chapters. Each chapter, organized by a volunteer board, develops and runs programs that highlight the history unique to its region as well as events of provincial and national interest for our members and the general public.